Forest is this year's winner!

We saved 10,068 KWH during the 09' Eco-Olympic
or 1163 tons of carbon!

Lewis and Clark Eco-Olympics

Change Requires Action

From February 5th to March 5th Lewis and Clark will hold it’s inaugural Eco-Olympics. The goal of the Olympics is to engage and educate the Lewis and Clark community on ways to become more environmentally involved. The competition is centered around educating people about energy use and reduction there are going to be a number of events going on throughout the month with environmental messages that reach beyond energy.

The Goals of the Eco-Olympics are to:

      1. make a fun event that the entire school is excited to participate in

      2. encourage students to take their own actions and work together as a community to promote environmental responsibility

      3. educate students in a quantifiable way what actions can reduce electricity consumption the most

The competition is among the various dorms to see who can reduce their energy usage more and which dorm can get the most people to the various eco-themed events throughout the month. Scoring will be updated weekly in the Fields dining hall and emailed out to each dorm coordinator. The dorms have been broken up based on how energy is monitored at our school.


Energy Reduction

Each dorm will win weekly points based on the percent of energy they are able to decrease from the base year. This percentage will be based on reduction per square foot of each dorm. So if Forrest reduces their energy per square foot in one week by 10% compared to the year before they will be awarded 100 points. There are four weeks in the competition.


There is also going to be a environmental project portion of the competition. Individuals or groups are encouraged to submit project ideas and proposals.

The top five eco-project ideas, as judged by the Sustainability Council will receive 50 points each for their dorm.

These projects will be judged on whether they:

-Reduce upstream and/or downstream environmental impacts of dorm life;

-Educate the student body (in particular, the residents of the Dorm in which the project is performed) to think and act in a way that reduces environmental impacts

Funding options will be available - please contact kielj@ for more information

Organize an events

If you help organize an event you will receive 20 extra points for your dorm.


Points are also awarded for attendance at various eco-themed events held throughout the week. Each dorm will receive one point for every residence who attends.

Join the facebook group

This is the easiest way to get points. For every person in a dorm that joins the “LC Eco-Olympics” facebook group that dorm will receive one point. Please note that people have to have their dorm name included in their profile information for them to receive points or they must write their dorm name on the wall. Join here

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